Jeff Beard, Pastor, MA, MBA

Jeff Beard, Pastor, MA, MBA

Jeff grew up as a pastor's son and gave his life to Christ as a teenager. He met his wife Lisa while studying for ministry, and went on to pastor churches from California to the eastcoast. Jeff and Lisa moved to Powhatan in the early 90's where they raised their two children. He's a published author and blogger at  He holds a MA in Religion from California Graduate School of Theology, and a MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business.

Rebecca Hatcher, Administrative Assistant

Rebecca assists the pastor and other leadership in administrative duties and communications. Besides the Administrative Assistant, she is the Church Clerk and Recording Secretary. Rebecca is a graduate of Longwood University with a BS in Education.

Fletcher and Amy Hardison, Children Directors

Fletcher & Amy have a focus on discipleship. Children learning about Jesus; about the need for Jesus; and how to walk and live with Jesus. The focus is geared to enhance and help families grow in their faith in the home as well as with the body of Christ, and in the world.

Music Director

We are currently  recruiting for this part-time position. If you know someone who may be interested, please have them email the pastor at:

Debbie King, Youth and Young Adult Minstries

Raising two children into young adulthood, both serving Christ while attending college, gives Debbie 24/7 youth experience. Her leadership with the youth program includes biblical teachings, retreats, mission work, and a whole lot of fun. Her goal is help young adults see the glory and greatness of Christ, the necessity of the Gospel, and how to grow in the truth of Scripture to walk individually with Jesus Christ.

Pam Weeks, Choir Director

Pam's love of music, along with her vocal skills and leadership as a part of the music department of MCBC exalts the Lord's Name, encourages the saints, and helps the others grow in their musical ministry in the church choir. She uses a mix of traditional and contemporary genres.