Steps in Joining Muddy Creek Baptist Church

There are several ways that a person can become a member of Muddy Creek Baptist Church. But before we get to those options, there are  a few preliminary things that I want to suggest. These suggestions will help you affirm that the Lord Jesus is leading you to this local body of believers.

Begin by reading through the different articles on the Membership page of our website about becoming a member---Click Here To Go There.  I also like to recommend that an individual take his/her time and prayerfully seek God's will before making a decision of this caliber. This is a big decision that affects the direction of your spiritual growth in Christ, and therefore it should not be taken lightly or decided upon quickly. A key way of knowing and growing in affirmation of joining Muddy Creek is by participating in our services and our fellowship get-togethers. Perhaps volunteering in some areas to help out and rub shoulders with other members and/or leaders in the church. The more a person hangs around a place the more a person gets familiar with it, right? From all of this I believe that the Spirit of the Lord will make His will known to you.

The next step is to let the Pastor or one of the other elders know of your interest in joining the church. One of us will want to set up a time to meet with you and talk about your interest in the church. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the church, its leadership, ministries, and other areas. You'll also learn how the church wants to minister to you. While sharing your testimony of how Jesus Christ has touched your life with His saving grace, and if you decide that you want to become a member, we'll be able to guide you through the process to officially join our church family.

There are basically three ways that a person officially becomes a member.

(1)      By profession of faith and seeking baptism;

(2)      By promise of letter of transfer from another church of like faith and order; and

(3)      By statement of faith when a letter of transfer from a church of like faith and order is not obtainable for some good reason.

There are more details on each of the above options in our Church By-Laws. Click Here to open our By-Laws.

In the meantime, we are delighted that you are worshiping with us at this time in your spiritual walk.

Pastor Jeff